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DFA125 G Swing Door Operator

Record DFA125 Overhead Swing Door Operator with no arm. Only one unit available.   ..

£899.10 Inc VAT £1,078.92

DFA127 Swing Door Operator

DFA127  Overhead swing drive unit. Applications: Suitable for many public areas but chiefly for ..

£899.10 Inc VAT £1,078.92

DFA127 Battery Backup Unit

Record DFA127 Battery Backup Unit. The DFA Battery Unit is housed in the same type of extrusion a..

£179.00 Inc VAT £214.80

DFA127 Can Isolator

Record CAN Isolator, used to connect 2 DFA127 swing door operators as a Master and Slave setup.  ..

£85.00 Inc VAT £102.00

DFA127 Lever Adaptor

  Lever adaptors for arms The lever adapters are the joining elements between the operator dri..

£30.00 Inc VAT £36.00

DFA127 Processor - Control Unit STG

Replacment Processor/Control borad for the Record STG DFA127 swing door operator. Intelligent, le..

£375.00 Inc VAT £450.00

DFA127 Push Arm

Push arm for DFA127 Operator   ..

£99.99 Inc VAT £119.99

DFA127 Slide Arm

Slide arm for DFA127 operators. Can be used for push or pull applications. ..

£109.99 Inc VAT £131.99

Record AIS 290 - Presence Sensor

The Record AIS 290 (also known as AIR 290) is an active infrared presence sensor with a narrow light..

£99.00 Inc VAT £118.80

Record BDE-D Control Unit

Record BDE-D electronic control unit for the following range of Record operators: DFA127 swing..

£120.00 Inc VAT £144.00

Record BDE-E - STA 16/17 Control Unit

Record BDE-E electronic sliding door control switch.  Suitable for the STA16, STA17 record slidin..

£224.50 Inc VAT £269.40

Record DFA127 Motor Gearbox

Replacment motor gearbox for the Record DFA127 swing door operator ..

£410.00 Inc VAT £492.00

Record DFA127 Power Supply

Power Supply for the Record DFA127 swing door operator.   ..

£105.00 Inc VAT £126.00

Record ELS 261 Safety Beam Set

Set of Record safety beams for the STA20 & STA21 sliding door operators. - ELS 261 range of sensors..

£80.00 Inc VAT £96.00

Record ELS 262 Safety Beam Set

Set of Record safety beams for the STA20 & STA21 sliding door operators. - ELS 262 range of sensors..

£136.20 Inc VAT £163.44

Record FEM-0 Board

Record Extended functions module for light barriers and other manufacturers’ sensors for the system ..

£135.00 Inc VAT £162.00

Record Floor Guide

Record STA floor guide. Suitable for various models of Record Sliding Doors STA12/13/14/15/16/17/..

£39.75 Inc VAT £47.70

Record FTA Bi-Fold Bottom Manual Lock

Replacement lock body for the Record FTA Bi-Fold Automatic Door.   ..

£124.00 Inc VAT £148.80

Record FTA Bi-fold motor belt

Replacement HTD motor drive belt for Record FTA Bi-fold automatic doors. Dimensions Length ..

£19.00 Inc VAT £22.80

Record RAD 290 GC - Motion Sensor - Recessed

Recessed Record motion sensor for the Record STA20 & Record STA21 sliding door operators CAN i..

£350.00 Inc VAT £420.00

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