Swing Door Operators

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DFA127 swing operator

DFA127  Overhead swing drive unit. Applications: Suitable for many public areas but chiefly for ..

£899.10 Inc VAT: £1,078.92

DFA127 BDE-D Control Unit

BDE-D electronic controller (optional) for the DFA127 swing operator The BDE-D electronic control..

£120.00 Inc VAT: £144.00

DFA127 Lever Adaptor

  Lever adaptors for arms The lever adapters are the joining elements between the operator dri..

£30.00 Inc VAT: £36.00

DFA127 Processor - Control Unit STG

Replacment Processor/Control borad for the Record STG DFA127 swing door operator. Intelligent, le..

£375.00 Inc VAT: £450.00

DFA127 Push Arm

Push arm for DFA127 Operator   ..

£99.99 Inc VAT: £119.99

DFA127 Slide Arm

Slide arm for DFA127 operators. Can be used for push or pull applications. ..

£109.99 Inc VAT: £131.99

EMSW 4 position keyswitch

4  function control switch for the EMSW series swing operators. Options available with or without..

£58.50 Inc VAT: £70.20

EMSW Drive Shaft Extension

Drive Shaft Extensions for the Entrematic EMSW,  EMO & Besam Powerswing swing operator. Available..

£15.00 Inc VAT: £18.00

EMSW EXB Extension Board

Entrematic EXB Extension Board for the EMSW swing door operators. Allows the fitting of on door..

£147.00 Inc VAT: £176.40

EMSW Limit Switch

EMSW limit switch.   ..

£14.90 Inc VAT: £17.88

EMSW Pull Drive Arm

Pull drive arm for the Entrematic EMSW swing operator. Comes with standard 20mm drive shaft extensio..

£84.00 Inc VAT: £100.80

EMSW Push Drive Arm

Push drive arm for the Entrematic EMSW & EMO & Besam Powerswing swing operator. Comes with standa..

£84.00 Inc VAT: £100.80

Entrematic EMSW Control Unit CSDB

Entrematic and Besam EMSW control unit/processor CSDB for swing doors. ..

£295.00 Inc VAT: £354.00

Entrematic EMSW Rubber Absorber & Oil Plug Kit

Entrematic EMSW Rubber Absorber & Oil Plug Kit ..

£45.50 Inc VAT: £54.60

Entrematic EMSW ST guide channel

Guide Channel Options for Entremaric EMSW / EMO ST-V / ST-H Drive arm Door fitting standard Art. ..

£138.00 Inc VAT: £165.60

Entrematic EMSW-EMO control board

Entrematic EMSW-EMO replacment control board only. ..

£495.00 Inc VAT: £594.00

Entrematic EXU-SA Extension Board

EXU-SA Extension Board for the EMSW- EMO operators. Has inputs for both monitored /non monitored ..

£108.50 Inc VAT: £130.20

Entrematic EXU-SI Extension Board

EXU-SI Extension Board for EMSW-EMO swing operators Used if additional functions are required, e...

£108.50 Inc VAT: £130.20

Label Digital Program Selector N-DSEL

Digital program selector N-DSEL for the Label Evolus & Neptis range of operators. Colour : White ..

£95.50 Inc VAT: £114.60

Entrematic EMSW

EMSW This powerswing operator is suitable for a wide range of applications, from handicapped-acce..

£899.99 Inc VAT: £1,079.99

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