Record STA16

Record STA16

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Record BDE-E - STA 16/17 Control Unit

Record BDE-E electronic sliding door control switch.  Suitable for the STA16, STA17 record slidin..

£272.60 Inc VAT £327.12

Record BDE-M - Mechanical Control Unit

Record BDE-M door control switch.  Suitable for the STA16, STA17, STA19 Record sliding door opera..

£129.50 Inc VAT £155.40

Record Door Leaf Mounting Hex Bolt & Slide Nut Pack

Record Door Leaf Mounting Bolt & Nut Pack for the P1067 Top Profile Suitable for various models o..

£6.00 Inc VAT £7.20

Record Floor Guide

Record STA floor guide. Suitable for various models of Record Sliding Doors STA12/13/14/15/16/17/..

£58.65 Inc VAT £70.38

Record MS installation Material - STA16 Fixing Pack

Record STA16 & STA17 installation fixing pack. Manufacturer’s Ref: 102-016005000 ..

£93.00 Inc VAT £111.60

Record STA16 Motor

New motor for the Record STA16 sliding door operators ..

£1,036.40 Inc VAT £1,243.68

Record STA16/17 Canopy Hinge

Canopy hinge pack for STA16 and STA17 Record sliding operators. ..

£62.50 Inc VAT £75.00

Record STA16/17 Carriage

Record Cariage for STA16 and STA17 sliding operators ..

£96.00 Inc VAT £115.20

Record STA16/17 Casing Hinge Clip

Record STA16/17 plastic hinge for the casing - (clip only). For a complete canopy casing hinge ki..

£6.50 Inc VAT £7.80

Record STA16/17 Electric Lock

Electric Lock (VRR) for the Record STA16 & Record STA17 sliding door operator. Manufacturer’s Ref..

£255.00 Inc VAT £306.00

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