Replacment Battery Packs

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Battery Pack A

Suitable replacement battery for the following operators: Horton 2003 Stanley Duraglide Do..

£24.99 Inc VAT £29.99

Battery Pack G

Battery Pack G1 Replacement battery pack for Geze350 sliding door operators ..

£45.00 Inc VAT £54.00

Entrematic EMSL EEU Battery Unit

OEM Battery Pack for the Entrematic EMSL and the Besam Unislide range of sliding door operators. EE..

£83.50 Inc VAT £100.20

Label Evolus Battery Backup EV-BAT1

Battery operated opening device EV-BAT1 for the Label Evolus sliding door operator. Comes with a ..

£110.50 Inc VAT £132.60

Battery Pack B

Suitable replacement battery for the following operators: Record FTA107 Bi-fold (2 batteries r..

£24.99 Inc VAT £29.99

Battery Pack C

Suitable replacement battery for the following units: Record STA16/17/19 sliding operators (2 ..

£28.99 Inc VAT £34.79

Battery Pack D

Battery Pack D Suitable replacement for Besam EMD (CUD-3) sliding door operators. 18V 900mAh ..

£45.00 Inc VAT £54.00

Battery Pack E

Nickel Cadmium Battery 9.6V 850 mAh Charge at 85 mA for 14 Hrs Suitable for Dorma ES90/100 ..

£50.00 Inc VAT £60.00

Battery Pack K

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 12.0 Volt 2200mAh. Charge at 220 mA for 14 Hours Suitable for Th..

£50.00 Inc VAT £60.00

Manusa Bravo Battery Pack

Manusa Bravo automatic door replacment battery pack Battery Pack Code M. 26.4 Volt Dua..

£110.00 Inc VAT £132.00

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