EMSL Control Unit CUF

Entrematic Control Unit (CUF) for EMSL sliding door operators. Also compatible with Besam Unislide ..

£811.90 £902.00


Horton C1250 Power Failure Unit

Power failure unit for the Horton C1250 control board. The function of this battery backup unit i..

£468.00 £520.00


Hotron HR50

Hotron HR50 Bi-directional motion detection sensor for a variety of door types, swing and sliding do..

£50.00 £60.00


Hotron HR50 UNI

Hotron HR50 Unidirectional high performance motion detection sensor for swing and sliding doors. Su..

£51.75 £69.00


Record BDE-D Control Unit

Record BDE-D electronic control unit for the following range of Record operators: DFA127 swing..

£105.00 £130.00


SL500 12V Backup Battery (EEU 12)

SL500 12V Backup Battery (EEU 12) for emergency opening of the Assa Abloy SL500, EM PSL100 & EM PSL1..

£66.70 £74.00


SL500 Heavy Duty Drive Motor (HDD)

Heavy Duty Drive Unit (HDD) for the Besam SL500 and Entrematic PSL 100/150 sliding door operators. ..

£661.50 £735.00


SL500 Main Control Unit MCU -ER

Main control board for the Besam SL500 and Entrematic PSL 100/150 sliding door operators with emerge..

£639.00 £710.00


Swing Door Safety Sensor Weather Protection - 1200mm

Weather protection cover for a variaty of on door safety sensors. Can fit most on door safety sen..


Geze Slimline SL Control Board Processor

Geze SL control board. Suitable for below operators SL DCU1 SLT DCU1 SL NT DCU1 SC DCU1..


Gilgen SL35 Set of Running Carriages

Gilgen SL35 Set of Running Carriages. Set includes 2 carriages complete with carriage brackets and ..


Gilgen SL35 Control Panel

Gilgen SL35 Control Panel Manufacturer’s Ref: 45-0610-130 Available with or without a surface ..


Gilgen SLX Neste 3 Electric Lock F+R

Giglen SLX Neste 3 Sliding Door Operator LAVERI F+R Electric Lock. For CAN Bus connection Manufa..


Record STM20 RED/DUO Processor

Record STM20 RED/DUO processor for the system 20 (STA20) sliding door operators. Please select th..


Besam Plastic Floor Guide

Besam Plastic Floor Guide. Suitable for the Besam plastic floor guide channel 1002622 ..


SL500 Emergency Battery Unit (EEU 24)

SL500 sliding door Electrical Emergency Unit (EEU 24). 24V Battery unit. For emergency opening or ..



JD Key 606

Spare key for various JD.. -606 key switches. (Key no: 606) ..


Besam Floor Guide Block

Besam/Entrematic Standard Floor Guide Block only. ..


Besam Floor Guide Block and Base

Besam/Entrematic Standard Floor Guide Block with Metal Base. With adjustable floor guide position..


JD Key 614

Spare key for all  JD.. -614 key switches. Key no: 614 ..


JD Key A126

Spare key for all  JD.. -A126 key switches. Key no: A126 ..


Record STA16/17 Casing Hinge Clip

Record STA16/17 plastic hinge for the casing - (clip only). For a complete canopy casing hinge ki..


Ultra-small 433MHz wireless transmitter

Ultra-small 433MHz Larco transmitter for use with the Larco Ultra-small 433MHz wireless receiver. ..


433MHz-TX Dual channel Key Fob

Ultra-small 433MHz hand held dual channel key fob. Larco Mod: 234518 To be used with the Larco Ult..