Horton C1250 Power Failure Unit

Power failure unit for the Horton C1250 control board. The function of this battery backup unit i..

£468.00 £520.00 Inc VAT £561.60


Hotron HR50

Hotron HR50 Bi-directional motion detection sensor for a variety of door types, swing and sliding do..

£50.00 £60.00 Inc VAT £60.00


Hotron HR50 UNI

Hotron HR50 Unidirectional high performance motion detection sensor for swing and sliding doors. Su..

£51.75 £69.00 Inc VAT £62.10


Record BDE-D Control Unit

Record BDE-D electronic control unit for the following range of Record operators: DFA127 swing..

£105.00 £130.00 Inc VAT £126.00


SL500 Main Control Unit MCU -ER

Main control board for the Besam SL500 and Entrematic PSL 100/150 sliding door operators with emerge..

£639.00 £710.00 Inc VAT £766.80


Swing Door Safety Sensor Weather Protection - 1200mm

Weather protection cover for a variaty of on door safety sensors. Can fit most on door safety sen..

£45.00 Inc VAT £54.00

Geze Slimline SL Control Board Processor

Geze SL control board. Suitable for below operators SL DCU1 SLT DCU1 SL NT DCU1 SC DCU1..

£750.00 Inc VAT £900.00

Gilgen SL35 Set of Running Carriages

Gilgen SL35 Set of Running Carriages. Set includes 2 carriages complete with carriage brackets and ..

£220.00 Inc VAT £264.00

Gilgen SL35 Control Panel

Gilgen SL35 Control Panel Manufacturer’s Ref: 45-0610-130 Available with or without a surface ..

£140.00 Inc VAT £168.00

Gilgen SLX Neste 3 Electric Lock F+R

Giglen SLX Neste 3 Sliding Door Operator LAVERI F+R Electric Lock. For CAN Bus connection Manufa..

£231.20 Inc VAT £277.44

Record STM20 RED/DUO Processor

Record STM20 RED/DUO processor for the system 20 (STA20) sliding door operators. Please select th..

£980.00 Inc VAT £1,176.00

Besam Plastic Floor Guide

Besam Plastic Floor Guide. Suitable for the Besam plastic floor guide channel 1002622 ..

£13.50 Inc VAT £16.20

SL500 Emergency Battery Unit (EEU 24)

SL500 sliding door Electrical Emergency Unit (EEU 24). 24V Battery unit. For emergency opening or ..

£135.00 Inc VAT £162.00


JD Key 606

Spare key for various JD.. -606 key switches. (Key no: 606) ..

£3.20 Inc VAT £3.84

Besam Floor Guide Block

Besam/Entrematic Standard Floor Guide Block only. ..

£5.50 Inc VAT £6.60

Besam Floor Guide Block and Base

Besam/Entrematic Standard Floor Guide Block with Metal Base. With adjustable floor guide position..

£14.50 Inc VAT £17.40

JD Key 614

Spare key for all  JD.. -614 key switches. Key no: 614 ..

£3.20 Inc VAT £3.84

JD Key A126

Spare key for all  JD.. -A126 key switches. Key no: A126 ..

£3.20 Inc VAT £3.84

Record STA16/17 Casing Hinge Clip

Record STA16/17 plastic hinge for the casing - (clip only). For a complete canopy casing hinge ki..

£6.50 Inc VAT £7.80

Ultra-small 433MHz wireless transmitter

Ultra-small 433MHz Larco transmitter for use with the Larco Ultra-small 433MHz wireless receiver. ..

£33.06 Inc VAT £39.67

433MHz-TX Dual channel Key Fob

Ultra-small 433MHz hand held dual channel key fob. Larco Mod: 234518 To be used with the Larco Ult..

£32.60 Inc VAT £39.12